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Emotional Homework

Jesus, the Bible, the Prophets even our modern day Psychology deal with Pride. Pride is more complex than being boastful. Depressed? Pride many times looks like the opposite. When you feel less about yourself you might try and prove yourself. You might feel defeated. You might be accused of having an over inflated view of yourself. And, You might and you might believe it!

When reading the bible, new or old testament or when reading Psychology textbooks its almost a given you will be pressed on this issue. There is; who Others think you are, who you perceive yourself to be and Who you really are. When these views conflict, they call it cognative dissonance.

Unfortunately there is to much blame. Unfortunately some things come off as blame statements. Its also the nature of work trying to deal with self esteem. I was just reading a Op from “Devoted to you” about the widows mite and I thought the issue about the intent of the heart would go along with the flow of my Ops. Its been a heavy road this last month. But hang tight it still is about what I am trying to accomplish as a whole. I will get to the Op in a second.

What I am trying to do here, on a general basis is provide support and encouragement to help people go deeper with God. I want to teach the gospel. I want to explore the main thing and that is: the reconciliation of people with God. Almost like an Ambassador who negotiates between one country and another, its my hope this website is part of it. I hope by dealing with issues, explaining stories in the bible and doing some popcorn psychology, I can be a part of process of repairing relationship and deepen the ties with God. The Quickest way we can do this is if everyone is participating is to commit to Reading their Bible. To a degree that is skipping the third party bit. And I think that’s great. I am all for hitting the books on this one. Another Big ingredient is the willingness to do it Gods way which is part and parcel to being Born Again.

Moving forward now, while God is asking for a broken and a Contrite heart, Psalms 51:17 its a pretty complex subject. this pride stuff. Lets look at the widows mite story. That story has always been a good story. Jesus knew how to pick them. The story is not about giving money. Its about the Heart. While I support giving money to the church meaning the work of God by fellow brothers in the Lord; The story is not about money its about intent of the heart.

The story is about a lady with next to no money giving it to the church. The Rich person gave a big amount but it was no sacrifice for him and possibly, it was done to Loudly.

The story could have just as easily been about two different pastors visiting people in a hospital OR two organists playing in church OR two taxi drivers cleaning their cars. One person living beyond the pride based feelings, seeing there is a greater purpose of service; AND the other, A person who felt that by doing, “the thing”, they would be elevated in peoples eyes.

Most won’t admit it, but they generally have some of, both these people in them. I think it stems from a mixture of co-dependency and Pride. Pride is anchored in low self esteem. This stuff not sorted out and/or compounded by contempt for others is a recipe for trouble. Seeking to inflate yourself and getting energy from seeing others feel less is seen by others as pride. (underneath this is a learned behavior from days gone steeped in low self esteem.) This sort of stuff causes people to live fake lives for the benefit of being seen by others and without realizing it they are controlled by people they want to impress. You might call it a defense mechanism. These sorts of things fit into a list of feelings like Abandonment. Shame. Loss or Bitterness. These issues of the mind make serving God far more complex.

Several passages in the bible graze the issue. (they loved the praises of men more than the praises of God.) john 12:43 Dealing with this is not as easy as saying, Hey Bud, get over I. Its not easy to become kinder, more holy and humble person. There is emotional homework to be done. And a warning. This stuff has huge consequences on your spiritual health. The world has put every person alive on this thermometer system. And it creates conflict between you and others and between you and God measuring yourself against others. Everyone is to worried about the ratings of each other. Its very judgemental. Its full of Blame and its topped off with a big wallop of Depression and a sprinkle of Anger.

Things show up differently in people. Some seem snooty, some seem shy, some seem angry, some won’t communicate, some wont stop communicating. But Pride is an over arching term mixed in it all.

You might say, where do you get this. From Psychology, from self help books, from the bible, and from examination of my own motives and listening to what others perceive about their own motives and from school. And You can look in at yourself and be honest with yourself or avoid the truth about yourself, But it will affect everything from how you deal with your children to; the chances of you getting to heaven.

John 12 just mentioned above shows you just how serious this stuff is and how it can sink your boat spiritually.

When Jesus pointed out these two throwing money into the plate in the temple, He wasn’t one of those cynical people you or I might be. He was trying to examine the nature of people and its effect on them and their chances to be reconciled with God. He did the same when He was talking about rich people. He was suggesting that without Gods help its impossible to enter the kingdom of God with these problems. Peter got real concerned when Jesus started talking this way.

There are lots of lessons here sorry I didn’t get right to the point in just one story or another but I wanted to ask a question. Will you read your bible with a few questions in mind? Ask, what is the passage or the story about that you are reading? And digging deeper what are the motives of people in the story and Is God wanting me to change something so that I can know him better?

Are you willing to repair your relationship with God if you find it lacking? God bless you as you read your bible. I put links to bible passages all through this discussion so you can simply jump in to the bible and study the subject. I will do that in most Ops I write, for your benefit. God Speed.

Edit: I am glad for the readers so far, its been a lot of work getting started, and I know some may be expecting something different. I just want you first to know that while I cannot see who looks at what Op I could see stats suggesting people needed to deal with some emotional dynamics of life. So while I am bent toward dealing things from introspection and self examination, analysing everything, I want to be kind and helpful. The site will not just be about Psychology and Emotional issues. That said, it is a huge part of who we are. And Christianity has a bent toward asking people to surrender. Some of that is good, some of that is bad. That too is worthy of an Op. So I just wanted you to know Why I took a heavy turn this last month into Psychology . And I hope that some of you who are way ahead of me on these issues will consider creating a Opinion pieces and submitting them so I can include you in the effort of sharing the gospel and helping people on this site. Thanks again for reading. I hope your visit today was worth it. And I hope you are asking what really is pride and do I have any. What does that look like anyway. Do you parade yourself or do things so others see. Do you look down on others? Do you rush to be better or get in front of others wanting to be first. Where is all that coming from? Dig into the bible and you can do that simply by clicking on underlined words in my Ops

Oh and if you think your crazy, which you are not, here is a book which will make you crazy reading it. But seriously if you think you have some issues you can explore the DSM5 for fun. If you got issues you find out there that are serious there is no harm in going to see your doctor and they can refer you to someone. What you will find in all these definitions is that there is a crazy, a little of you, in just about every diagnosis. But, Its the extremes that make issues. A little Anxiety never killed anyone but if its out of control you could do a lot of harm to yourself or others. So take those diagnostic tools with a grain of salt but don’t shy way from getting help if you need it. An issue of the mind is no different than a broken bone. with treatment you can walk on your leg or get along in life just fine. It might ache when it rains but without help it will feel like it pours to often. We are heading into the Holidays and the gloom of winter if your having a tuff time, its the time of year for it, don’t be afraid to seek some help if you need it.

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I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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