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Stereotype of the Homeless Person

I’m asking for a minute of your time for the sake of the homeless.  I am just trying to help bring greater awareness to the Poverty and homelessness affecting our children and parents.  Thank you for your concern.  I sifted through many videos and ted talks to find these valuable talks below. Each speaker brings a whole lot of information, Experience and most importantly real solutions to our attention.   Here is one of several Ted talks on the subject for your review; to get the ball rolling.

There are several other important Ted talks on the homeless crisis below. Some of these help remove peoples Stereotypes of who they think the Homeless are. I hope I can change what people think, the homeless deserve. You can find these talks simply by using google. “ted talks on the homeless.”  They are generally worth every second of your time. I sifted and found a few good ones. I am listening to get a better understand of the issue and want to boil it down. We need a better awareness of the Acute Homeless crisis in our cities. We need immediate action. We need to implement a housing first approach. We need a transitional housing strategy with social needs being met for those we temperarily house so people can return to their regular life.   And you need to know why Homeless people avoid the current shelters and why over 300 people die of exposure in Canada instead of seeking current resources. This way we can create proper economic but working shelter. People want personal space and more so in a crisis.

The first lesson i learned is that there are a lot of stereotypes. The Idea that the homeless people are lazy, stupid, drug dealers hard on homes, crooks and untrustworthy. This is generally false. Yes there are statistics on how many have mental health issues, and addiction issues, and to some degree the issue can be complex but that is why there is social services of various kinds to deal with those issues.

The second thing I learned is that the stairway model of getting help is wrong. That you shouldn’t have to fix everything in your life before you get help or shelter. That is we do nothing for you model. People freeze to death and remain homeless for years that way. Its cruel and a hate crime and speaks to our societies mental illness not theirs. Some of these Ted talks explain that in more detail.

The Ted talks I like the most are those that speak about working programs that have actually worked in their community. Most of us are at the start handing out muffins and giving homeless people diabetes. The key issues we have to over come is in our city calls and their the belief in Stereotypes. Until this Hate for the homeless ends in city hall, we can only do so much.   For us the challenge is to get politicians to support our most vulnerable people in the public. I can its a fact, Our city leadership has more social issues than our homeless do, they are just paid a lot more. These Politicians are barriers themselves and their selfishness is stopping leaders from leading the charge to help. They fought to get their job stepping on the necks of their opposition. They are generally selfish people. Right now, our Politicians are actually stopping people from giving help to the Homeless. Our Politicians are denying zoning changes so no acceptable shelter can be built. I am shocked at their inhuman attitude. They should be fired and homeless.

Some Ted talks are claiming we can eliminate 80% of homelessness in our city with a holistic approach. They say in the end it will reduces the cost to the taxpayer.    Thats why you need to watch these videos! These Speakers have real numbers,  real experience and proven programs actually working today. They can help us with next steps. 

With zoning changes and some coordination we could build a community of transitional housing on scrub land that is not in use. The site or sites can be away from complaining residents (Nimbo’s) and still near necessary services, bus routes and business.   

As many of you know, Its my conclusion that some type of individualized  transitional housing is necessary. Housing first. Individual housing for dignity. Shelter is not an option.   We cannot accept that people do not have shelter. And we need to deal with Why they don’t want existing solutions. Even if we can provide very basic places they will accept, then we have got somewhere.

I have already found a clash of wills when I suggest housing first. I have found people actually don’t want these people to have a place, they resent it. Social workers think the homeless with wreck everything. I did not know some of the most racist people are social workers. But its true. Did you know Homeless people dropped from the sky and don’t know what a home is. who knew!

I do renovations. I work in peoples homes. Excuse me. These social workers live in glass houses and they should not throw stones. Everyone except for a small few are slobs of one degree or another. Should we rate how a homeless person will treat a glorified shed before we give them a place to sleep? Seriously. Maybe we should rating how well you run your home or how well your kids behave. If the Gov’t went into your house and seen your kids rooms they likely wouldn’t let your kids move into a dog house. So please don’t tell me. I know you are constantly having to speak to your kids about their room. And what about that punch mark in the drywall or the door. Who’s violent. Your kids or the Homeless. Its time we get off the pot.

So lets face it. None of your children would qualify according to the politicians ans social workers. Your kids and maybe you wouldn’t be permitted to stay in one of these cottages. So hey! Hey, wait. Look at you. Yes you too. I would put money on it, that you have a pile a junk in your garage larger than what a homeless person has in his or her little cart or bag. Look at you, the stuff in the back yard or beside your house! Why didn’t you throw that out when you broke it. Look at you! You have to be told by your wife a dozen times to clean that up.

How many years has that door been left that your kid punched. Why didn’t you replace it. You want to blame the homeless? People need to get off their high horse and help people in need before creating a philosophy of Apathy. They need to see the train wreck of their own lives and drop the Stereotypes . Did you pay off your student loan right away? Have you held a balance on a credit card? You ever took a sick day off or lost a job? Seriously. Oh, so you have never been stubborn?

Homeless people are our children, our brothers and our parents and some times us. Some times these struggling people actually have more skills than us; but life, their reaction to life, debt, drugs, booze , death, tragedy, depression and mental illness knock them to the ground. I just want to know, Should I hold them down while you kick them in the gut? Or can we abandon the blame and agree to help?

I thought a Stereotype was a walk-man or a ghetto blaster. It turns out that a stereotype is: A a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment –Webster who knew!

With my Model, we can end the use of group type style of homeless shelters. There is a better solution to tent cities as well. Small tidy Individual units that give dignity to a person. If they are centred around a group of 4 buildings to provide a one stop shop of services on site, once they have their tiny shelter. With this community of cottages, treatment resources can be employed and the total costs of helping the homeless will diminish.   This site or subdivision is just a concept. It could look like a lot of things. It could be a large building. It doesn’t have to be spread out. So it could work in large cities too. All people need is a room for a bed and a bathroom. a 10×14 cottage.

The 4 buildings would be. 1) a community centre for meals and handing out of donations. 2) a social services building for doctors nurses, Employment services, welfare services, Mental health services, and general administration. 3) a chapel where outside churches could provide spiritual and social support. 4) a laundry and works building where the site provides a place for handy work and grounds upkeep as well as a place for residents to do their laundry. ( I will repeat this list later.)

This individual transitional housing first with services model could help other parts of Gov’t Transitional housing could be a half way house for those just finished drug Rehab. The housing could be used for a first step out of a mental health facility. This is smart thinking. This is a wider version of this plan, but it could divert many people leaving these programs. People are pushed out with no place to stay and with no money Some end up homeless, back into drugs or back into their mental illness.

The main objective is to put a roof over the head of vulnerable people when they become homeless and then help them up. We can get ahead of homelessness before it starts. We could reduce a huge portion of trauma for those people dumped into the street from rehabilitation programs. We could stop some homelessness simply by not letting them get homeless in the first place. Housing first rather than dump first. Providing a first step out of care into a transitional housing situation allows social workers to move people into jobs and homes.

When you have a place to stay you can do the rest with a little help. First shelter then a little help. You cant hand out resumes from a card board box.

Transitional Housing helps people exiting care and skip homelessness. Poof. A whole section of people are helped. Its that easy. Once we stop treating them like trash and treating ‘them’ like ‘people’, a stereo type will become a getto blaster.

So the Gov’t will save money for Healthcare, Treatment centres and body bags if our transitional housing is put in place to takes these hurting people first. Quicker releases from care will save money too. And to a degree, Social services can do some out patient treatment with drug addicts and the mentally ill as other social workers help place people into the community.   Social workers, health professionals, Employment agencies and Charity will have better access to help the homeless.

I know I am repeating myself. But, Having a system that tosses people out to find their own way is not efficient.    Rather than dumping people which is corrosive to peoples well being, give them shelter! Instead of having people wander through the system for months, get them help upfront! Lets Skip to the end. Start with Shelter. Provide the other helps already here and there. Next, Help them into a job, and then another more permanent place to live near that job.  

My First model to provide a holistic approach. This is a type of subdivision with 4 main buildings and 80 or more cottages. 
1) The first building would be a community centre for meals, for hand outs from community groups and a place for some educational services.  
2) The Second building would be a Services building where offices are supplied for outside services to come in like, health services, social services, Employment services and mental health services.  (the backbone of recovery.)3) The Third building would be a chapel set up for Religious services.  The room could double as a classroom for Education.  English classes, Computer courses and things education could be delivered here.   
4)  The next building would be a combined laundry Facility & Ground services building where people can contribute to the repair of the grounds and use a work shop to fix things or create things. 

Unfortunately in our city, the Land and Zoning for such a community is not permitted and our Mayor is not cooperative.   We need to see change at city hall. but if not,  Possibly We could use some type of apartment building for this setting they would permit. Since GM is closing maybe some commercial building would work for this big tent approach. There are so many buildings not being used.  The key is to get Gov’t out of the way. You all know, they do not represent “those people” in need and want the problem to simply disappear.  Any recent solution to date is a pat on the back and a chocolate chip cookie. 

In the end we need the roof over peoples head. We need some type of individual dignity for these vulnerable people. Then we can supply a  list of services to them   We need actual housing.  Having a street worker pointing to where the homeless shelter is, does not work. Its down the street, they know and they say No. 

An Actual solution, with actual dignity and a roof is what people need. They don’t want more cookies, but if you have a few pass them over. The Shelter they need only has to be the bare minimum possible. Lots of people find living in a rooming house with a bathroom acceptable.   The key is to provide people with their own private space with a door, not a room filled with dirty people.   I Think its understood that any housing cannot be to elaborate. No one in the community will support it.   Obviously the room and program has to be a temporary solution for each person. They need to come in, get help and move out.   You want them to be thankful for the space but They also will have to want to get out of that space to something more.   Thats one reason to limit the size of room. Rooms should not be large.  Possibly a 8×8 room with just a small window OR a 10×14 with a bathroom.

My preferred model is one that includes a bathroom rather than a shared bathroom, down a hall or out in a court yard where people are vulnerable and where one mess things up for others.  I don’t think the cost is as important as the viability of the program.   With individual unites they can be projects for churches and communities to build. The individual cottages don’t need to cost the gov’t anything.

Unfortunately, because some desire to punish the homeless or it appears that some in Gov’t and the community want to punish the homeless, there is a barrier hindering recovery and action.   If we supply them shelter that is mickey mouse, those in need will tell us. with very specific words what we can do with the help.   Homeless people feeling beaten up by their daily struggle don’t need condemnation; They already feel shame and blame.  They honestly don’t need people by their actions telling them that they need to smarten up. This is reflected by what type of help we give them.   To help the poor they need to feel a level of reprieve. The trauma from life and from people has to be removed so they can have some level of recovery.

Any model must include Dignity.  It doesn’t have to be as special as the above pictures but if done tasteful, the house will say, there is hope yet. All one would need is one door and one window in a 10×14 cottage. I feel the best model for the emotional side of this puzzle is, to build tasteful individual units, not shacks.  It is the easiest way or the community to start. One project cottage at a time.   We the people could build this community in stages, one by one.  And if one is burned down or destroyed, it can be shipped out and another shipped in. The individuality of each unit contains damage.   Building this community in bite size portions makes it manageable.   A cottage gives you your own place and a huge sense of dignity and ownership.  If we have several models of the 10×14 cottage,  the hopeless will see hope.   Stacking people like rats in cages doesn’t work. laying people side by side in a gym doesn’t work. Such temporary situations increases the despair and learned helplessness.

The Homeless have stereotypes of their own they believe about you.  They know what you will do to them and who they think you are.  These things are barriers. They stop the vulnerable from getting help. Attitudes are a wrench in any line of work, any gov’t agency and direct sabotage to the effort to help the homeless.   

The above video suggested the solution is coordination.  Each video covers a different part of the Puzzle.   People are already homeless. 
Here is a select list of videos of other Ted talks by some far more eloquent people than myself.  I apologize for my poor English and grammar. Please take the time to see what they have to say. They explain what worked for their city and spell out the issues well.

There is a list of videos see top right corner. this is one of many.
Matthew 25:41-42 King James Version (KJV)

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

You can click on underlined portions. I have put a link to scripture or other content there. If you have any thoughts comment below. Click on Home to get to my main page or the three crosses at the top of the Op.

One final point, if someone goes through a 12 step program and gets some recovery; If that person gets a home. They still have nothing if they do not have Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I am talking about a home for a billion years not for a few years. Jesus Christ is Salvation and whosoever will come to him he will no wise put out.

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