Lenski’s 30 Year Experiment

Evolution is a Hoax.   This is just another nail in the coffin.  This Link is proof of  Evolving Bacteria that doesn’t actually evolve.
Thanks Jonathan for your great Op.

Go, Go now! LoL. Take a look at what Jonathan posted. click right below on the link.)


I hope I can double down on what Johnathan pointed out. While there are “mutations” or “adaptations” by these bacteria, at no time did they become anything but bacteria. You will see this very fact with every living thing. Humans having children. Humans produce totally different offspring with similar traits but many different looks. This is normal. These Scientists are lying to the public to provide false prove their theories. Bacterial being resistant is in no way Evolution. It is a small alteration that does not add up to the species changing into something else. This this is how they create a false narrative.

As we know we can have blue eyes or brown and its simply a switching off or on of one tiny line of our DNA. It is not evolution. Our eyes will not one day glow or be able to see in the dark. The point is, they label Proof of one thing as proof of another. It is a bait and switch.

Again I am so glad for Johnathan for providing this Op. Its worth seeing his evidence. Click on the link above to go to his site where he has the article.


One thing I’ve come to recognize in my years studying the Creation vs. Evolution debate is that there seems to be a noticeable disconnect, and this article from Discover provides a case study.

A little over thirty years ago (1988), Richard Lenski began growing bacteria in his lab, and his experiment became famous… one of “epic proportions”! It is said to offer “unprecedented insights into the mechanics of evolution”. But does it really?

The famous Lenski E. coli experiment has been promoted by evolutionists as evidence for evolution. Why? Because Lenski was able to track mutations and identify their associated physical traits, all in an attempt to understand how evolution works.

But wait, here comes the disconnect: creationists love the implications of this experiment too. And why is that? Well, it’s because it actually provides compelling evidence against evolution! Really? How so? Well, to make a long story short, after…

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