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The Fake Evolution Story

Most of you know me from my Moniker “Evolution is a Hoax”. My actual name is Scott, no Hoax. Daily online I show that the fossil record is missing all the missing links but has just about every fossil of modern day animals in the record and a few extinct things fully formed presented there as well.

You would expect millions of intermediate species connecting fish to frogs, frogs to mice, mice to dogs, dogs to horses and horses to giraffes and a blisteringly obvious proof, that in the fossil record there would be No fossils of today’s animals and species.

File:Unidentified fossil frog - Naturmuseum Senckenberg - DSC02199.JPG -  Wikimedia Commons

Todays animals are found in the fossil record on mass. They are called living fossils. Whats interesting and Obvious is both apes and Humans are living today but the in between species are missing. (Except for my Brother, He might be the missing link.)

This is an image of the largest spider fossil ever found! This specimen,  Nephila jurassica is the oldest described specie… | Large spiders, Fossils,  Ancient animals

But seriously, to support Darwin’s theory, lies hoaxes and fakes were created. You might know about the “Nebraska Man” or the “Piltdown man” just to name a couple fakes. Its dishonest to suggest that these are proof of a evolutionary connection between man and apes. They don’t exist. The problem is, for this theory to be true you would need connections between everything to everything. And apes are modern day animals.. Every fish , fern, foul and fox and Elephant and eel are modern day species . The Glut of fossils should be so overwhelming and “intermediate” species such that I could not have this conversation.

See the Best Fossil Octopus Ever Found - Scientific American

I don’t doubt the world is very Old. But when it comes to mankind and life. There is not enough topsoil, coal or bones to account for a deep time table of life. Some Archaeologists play around with a few clay pots and say that civil life was around for 10 or 20 thousand years. Thats simply playing with the Christian view that the people have only been around for 6000 years or so. But their claim of deep time is far more serious. The missing actual Piltdown man and Nebraska Man and every other intermediate up until Man is disgusting. Man himself and a so called history of man over millions of years from ape to man is missing. Playing with a few pots and wrongly stating their age is a distraction.

Grand Canyon DEIS Aerial: Diana Temple, Scorpion Ridge | Flickr

You know the Grand Canyon is a nice layer by layer sediment while the world was under water. You will find those layers across north America. You will find those type of layers on every continent and then you will find coal deposits under many of those layers. This does not suggest a nice evolutionary process. All these layers are ocean layers. A Giraffe could not live in these conditions with that much water. Even with hip waders No Animal would last 100’s of thousands of years in neck deep or deeper water. Every continent is like this. Life on land would have stopped while these layers went down!!! All of the so called land evolution would have had to have happened on the top layer of the grand canyon. The layer we are currently living on. The Grand canyon layers are not an example of a step by step evolution of life. Its an example of Life without dry ground.

Rare 200-Year-Old Horse Fossil Found in Florida | HORSE NATION

You are not going to find fossils of Horses at the bottom of the grand canyon or in any other layer. The first sign of any sort of footprint of a Lizard starts right near the top of these layers. I have been sharing this story for years. Today while browsing I thought to google, “Evolution is a Hoax” to see what would come up. The Piltdown man popped up. Coincidentally, I was sharing the Christian faith of Jesus, the Gospel story yesterday and someone brought it up. So I was curious to revisit the Piltdown man Story. And, Since I was on it that Journey, I thought you might like to see for yourself that the foundation for Evolution is built on Hoaxes. You have to see it for yourself. Do a google. We have been indoctrinated to believe in Evolution. Schools have been brain washing us for decades. These Lies are a bad stain on the brain and they are hard to come out. Until they do, you cannot sing How Great thou Art, (a christian hymn) properly. To know Jesus properly you need to know that He is the Creator and that He made all things. HE is maker of heaven and earth and worthy of our praise. Believing a crazy false contrived story about evolution is a cancer.

Here is the link to the Infamous Fake, the Piltdown Man:

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I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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