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For Such a Time as This

There is an Old book called “why cant I get my locker open” focused on why God is not helping fix everything. While to some degree all of us feel abandoned by an invisible God, Gods promise that he will not abandon us falls flat until you see God intervene here and there.

The contempt in the wilderness for God was bitter. Then, it was a issue of leaving houses and lands and slavery for a wilderness picking food off the ground that looked like bird poop. Today we might shake or fist because cause our car wont start or someone harms us. For a Christian the contempt for God is a grave sin. Its a sin of the heart.

Hope comes in when Jesus uses that story about the snake being put on the pole in Numbers 21 to save the people, to say, he himself Jesus, will be put on a poll to save us from our contempt, For our lack of Trust/Faith while walking through this wilderness with 5 McD’s per square Mile and number that will bring Police in a moments notice.(911)

Many times we get tired, and say God, why do you make my back hurt with all this cotton and God says back, did you not notice that last year you got this land at 1/2 price and your planting total has given you more profit than you have ever seen in your life. Your back hurts does it?. Some how our troubles blind us to the Glory we possess.

Watch this video and tell me if You see Ester hiding in plain site.

Published by Evolution is a Hoax

I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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