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E=MC2 Proof of God ?

Its proof of God inventing meters OR its a grift?

E=MC2 is actually not that complex. E a measurement of Energy.(in Joules) M the mass of a atom or atoms.(in Kilograms). And C is the speed of light. 299,792,458 meters per second (approximately 300,000,000 km/s)

What does this have to do with God. Well lets just dig in a bit and I will show you.

So a given amount of matter when converted to energy will have a given amount of energy..

You could change the units of measurement but still, the amount is the amount, even if expressed differently. Lets say if the Joule was double the size like the guy deciding the size of a cup of flour. If someone had a larger cup when they made that determination the whole system would have a cup of flour the size they chose. maybe our cup of flour would be only half a cup cause they used a large cup to represent a cup. People in the past set in motion what a measurement is today. How long a foot was, how long a meter was, how big a gallon is, even how wide train track are. They match how wide wagons used to be.

e=mc2_orion-nebula-space-galaxy - Matty's Paradigm

So when you have a equation like E=MC2 and it is mixing apples and oranges to get bananas, you should stop and think.. What are these fixed amounts. Lets look at E=MC2. The mass and the Energy well they are fixed numbers.. because Joules is a fixed size, and Mass is a fixed size, you could do math and figure out what M needs to be multiplied with to make the right amount of energy in Joules. Funny that number just happens to be about 300,000,000 squared. Einstein says its the number for light.. but why does it half to be. Its a coincidence. what does light have to do with it. in fact if you had measured Light speed in Ft. the equation wouldn’t work.

To suggest that mankind created the unit called Joules and before that created the units for Mass, and then last created units of measurement for distance Meters and lights speed in meters lines up exactly is crazy. That is pretty much impossible. What if the guy inventing what a meter was thought it was 4 ft not 3.. then all of a sudden the 300,000,000 would be a number 25% less. See what I mean. You need the number 300,000,000 squared… light has nothing to do with it.

"E=MC2" Stickers by Scott Westlake | Redbubble

So this is why I think there is foul play.

E=MC2 lining up with the units of speed of light and mass and Energy is impossible unless you had one of the numbers for mass or Joules and fudged the other. So lets say you had the number for light and the number for mass, then you could quantify the energy and later define Joule was to make the equation work. it fit with a round number for the speed of Light. But to invent meters in the 1500’s there is no way that the speed of light could be accurate, the size of the measuring stick is not new.

In 1840 James Prescott Joule invented what a Joule was.

Maybe he had the E=MC2 in mind when he made Joules.. and then In 1903, the Italian Olinto De Pretto actually invented E=MC2. Not Einstein. And it was all actually about Joules working backward from 300,000,000 to make the equation work.

Nicolaus Copernicus invented the Meter in 1543. So that wasn’t fudged.

And the “second” of time was first described by the Greco-Egyptian mathematician Claudius Ptolemy in his work “Almagest” around 150 C.E. So that wasn’t fudged.

Forgetting the numbers for a second, what really is Joules. the joules is lets say in heat terms would fry lets say 100 ants. and that would be lets say 100 atoms and then to use the length of light for one second squared. its mixing apples and oranges. to make bananas. it doesn’t work.

Its strange that the sizing of each unit makes it such that Energy x Mass x 300,000,000 squared work.

Either God invented Meters and supervised the guy inventing meters, making E=mc2 Gods Idea and these guys are oblivious to his guiding hand OR a guy like Joules fudged what a Joule would be to make the numbers work. Therefore Joule would have been the last guy at the table sizing units of measurement.

There is really only a few explanations to this issue. Joule was the one who made the equation and he was working it backwards from the speed of light in meters and those after stole his work OR God invented the metric system and we are all just a bunch of bystanders. And, therefore we don’t even realize when Gods hand has set an Idea in motion.

Its sort of like the guy saying he invented Bread. God says, Oh , sure you did. What is yeast? God asks, Did you design the DNA structure for that yeast? Oh No God, I found it .. Oh, so you found it there and you think you invented it. LoL.

In 1928, at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. Oh, you did did you. LoL. You little people are so cute.

Edit: First Sorry for my bad English. I realize when re-reading it, that I am a terrible writer.

I added this edit cause I felt bad I wasn’t totally upfront or complete with my explanation. I was hoping you would come to conclusions about Albert Einstein. Its not really about God existing or not existing or inventing meters We all know God exists, he exists into infinity, because we couldn’t be created out of absolute nothing so, some how something has had to always exist for us to now exist. That infinite existence is God. for that and many other reasons, Gods existence is indisputable…

This thread, it was to expose a Grift by Albert Einstein to prove a point. What he really said was that the energy output of an Kilo of mass is mass times a trillion.

300,000,000 times 300,000,000 has nothing to do with light. once you square it, that number is huge, nothing relatable to light. and if you measure in Ft rather than Meters. it messes up the whole equation.

Basically the equation is the mass of an object times almost a trillion = Joules. and the number of Joules happens to be correct. the any time you have mass multiply it by a trillion and you will get about the right amount of energy in that mass.

M x 1T=E not MC2=E

The Idea of adding the unit of light and then squaring it basically makes the Idea of it being light and using meters rather than feet totally makes the E=MC2 a grift.

Atheists want to inflate the superiority of someone to suggest that we do not need God and that God is chump change. When in reality we are chump change and God is sovereign. I am not saying that almost a trillion isn’t the right number, not at all. What I am saying is, that number has to be that number and adding meters per second has no value. Its adding something that is not there to add.

If I was to lift my hand lifted up toward a nuclear explosion could I give an estimate as to how many joules was produced. Who really has a accurate calibration to how much energy was produced or how much fuel was used up. lets face it, they guess and use ball park numbers. Or did they say, Oh, yah, thats a billion no 2 billions watts worth of heat I can feel it exactly, Yep, E=MC2..

If you know anyone that as more accurate measurements using Joules meters and kilograms let me know. I would like to meet him in a ball park. What next will they start doing some squaring and other funky business. Lets face it its a grift.

There, I got that off my chest. Have a blessed day. and when you have walked 1.609344 km in my shoes, go the second. Let me know if you figured that out.

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I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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