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A Day is not 24 hours

People think they know their surroundings, but let me give your head a spin. The Earth is tilted to about 23.4 degrees off its axis. Noon is when we are facing the sun. And Wednesday, December 21 is the Winter Solstice. That is the shortest day of the year. And June 21st is the Longest day of the year, which is the Longest day of the year. For us in Canada that means we are tilted toward the sun 23.5 degrees.

The Question is does Noon line up exactly in the middle of the day and is there exactly 24 hours. Lets say there is. If we cycle around over and over to the shortest day of the year and now the south is facing the sun with the longest day and we are tilted away from the sun if it was an exact 24 hour cycle we would be facing away from the sun at Noon.

Even if there is 365.4 days per year meaning to get to the exact same place in relation to other stars every 4 years the issue would be if there was 24 hours we would be facing away from the sun at noon.

So here is what I think is happening. When they calculated what a day was and what a second was and what an hour was they did it over weeks and months so that the day is slightly longer meaning as we go around Noon keeps shifting without Us realizing so that by the time we end up on the other side of the sun we are 12 hours out of sink facing the opposite direction so that we are facing the sun at noon.

It means we would be gaining about 4 minutes a day unknown to us so that our clocks say Noon when we are facing the sun.

The World also cycles around the sun in 356.25 days meaning a full rotation to get into the exact same line up with the stars takes more than a year. After 4 years to set it right they add a day to February but strangely enough we dont end up out of sink as to when Noon is.

You might not have been aware that the earth is tilted in the same direction toward the north star all year but a 24 hour day is not 24 hours or exactly such so that by gaining 4 minutes approximately by the time noon shows up Noon is us facing the sun.

What I find interesting about it is that its not like the moon which is tidal locked to face the same way toward the earth. The earth is spinning and the Moon is Part of that. Its always facing the earth. So in 28 days it cycles around the Earth once and does only one rotation really meaning its always facing the earth.

MY point in all this is, You took for granted that Noon was noon but really it would be Midnight at noon or some random time if the earth wasn’t tuned exactly and some Babylonian guy didn’t create hours and seconds the right size so that they gained about 4 minutes.

86,400 seconds (1 day) unbeknowns to most is packed with 240 seconds or 10 seconds per hour.

240 seconds x182.625 days =43,830/60/60=12.175hrs. And that is why its Noon when we are on the other side of the sun because we are turned a 180 degrees around facing the Sun In the 360 degree turn there is actually an extra 240 seconds or 4 minutes

I haven’t looked into why there is 365.25 days per year but I imagine 6 hours extra we gain that adds up to a day every 4 years means we didn’t travel far enough to make a full cycle in 365 days so they doctored the calendar otherwise we would eventually be in a totally different direction and our tilt would not be lining up and we would have winter in the middle of summer calendar wise.

We might think we are smart with cell phones etc. but thousands of years ago people were pretty smart. Most of us couldn’t grasp how to make steel, bronze copper or anything out of rocks in the ground. Yet, thousands of years ago they had all that figured out.

People use the excuse that people back then were dumb and so they couldn’t have actually known if God was visiting them Or if Jesus was God, that they were dumb, delusional and didn’t have insight and were taken for a ride by a shyster. Jesus was no Shyster and they were not dumb. We think we are smart but I would be not a single one of you realized we face the total opposite direction to have Noon at the same time. I would bet most scientists never even grasped we face the Sun at noon at the other side of the sun 6 months later meaning its a 12 hour change in rotation.

IF 12 apostles and thousands after all followed Jesus. If the country was in havoc and it ended with Rome assuming a state religion, it wasn’t a hoax pulled over the wool of dumb people. Jesus is who he is even if you are not aware of it. Good things its been working out otherwise it would be some hour of the day and it would be dark outside. Happy Lunch time Everyone!

Published by Evolution is a Hoax

I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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