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Twinkle Twinkle God Exists.

Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

You know our world travels around the sun once a year (365.25 days). And what you might not realize is that when looking down from above the north pole our planet in the summer its tilted toward the sun 23.5 degrees and in the winter its tilted away 23.5 deg. On a grid, you may have missed this part. If a Day is exactly 24 hrs by the time we got around to the other side of the sun, we would be facing outward away from the sun and it would be dark at noon time! I have had to edit this like usual because I wrote it just before I went to sleep.

So, over the course of 6 months our time is actually off a bit taking away about 4 minutes day so Noon is always noon, facing the sun. We don’t even realize this is happening. The earth is turning 360 degrees minus a bit to line us up with Noon again.

Next, in a full year you can watch the big dipper in the north move counter clockwise as the earth turns counter clockwise in relation to the stars. (looking down on the north pole) The sun rises in the east because the north America is turning in the direction of England. But dont miss this next important fact. This is why I wrote this thread.

Every year you can look at the big dipper stars and they are in the same place again 12 months later. it will take about 2000 years for that calibration to change slightly, they say about the width of the moon. We are exactly placed among the stars but dont miss the point! Our Seasons, our tilt, our position in relation to the sun how fast we move around the sun is our business, but some how on the grid of space its all lined up with the stars. Thats impossible and incredible.

The fact that we are not just randomly rolling or twisting and turning with our sun flying through the universe on a spiral galaxy where each year our view of stars would be different is amazing. You can even navigate ships by it. We are seasonally with our tilt and our position around the sun, doing it in 365 days but come around exactly 360 degrees and line up exactly with the same stars, exactly, not even a 1/6 of an inch out in line with stars billions of light years away. Forgetting Calendars we do an exact revolution and it is in sink with the place the stars are. The sun could be turning and our 6 month could be more than half of 360 deg. and the stars would always be changing in the sky every year.

I believe this is a proof of Gods providential organized plan. Like our body where a couple cells format everything from a heart to a toe nail the DNA puts arteries and nerves in and out of our spine and our muscles making tubes and all of with without ever looking down at the body to organize things. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. And our Solar system, the stars and everything in the sky is lined up to OUR SEASONS. our Tilt is calibrated in 3 dimensions, not just one.

All this time God put the Big Dipper up there in the North to clue us in. I never saw it. We may have never grasped the significance. God set the stars in the sky by his 360 deg. watch and it matches our seasons. Its pretty scary that God is so fussy to set the stars to line up with our seasons like that. It couldn’t have been done randomly.

EDIT: Because of my Neck injury its put me on the side lines. I get time to think about things others are to busy to think about.

Adding to this thread now days later I wanted to clarify what I think is happening with the Earth. The Pole star of the earth is not 90% to the plain of our solar system its from our perspective about 23.5 deg. or should I say we end up at a 23.5 deg. angle and its sightly less in winter and slightly more in summer as we circle the sun. and because of this I think we are directionally set and its why we see the stars as we do. So there is fairly simple science behind the above but its nicely planned and I would consider that connection to be like a pillar as described in the bible. I think almost everything has a physical explanation but if it was random, all your laundry would be all over the house, but if it was you or your wife doing laundry its nicely in the basket or in the closet etc. Gods organization is rarely appreciated. You take it for granted that your head was put on straight and that your eye brows are on top of your eyes. There is no reason they don’t touch your ears. And no reason why your nose hairs are not growing as fast as your hair on your head and as heavy as a moustache. We live obvious .

If you cant get your head around how the stars are set in place at least thank God for the lack of nose hair!


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I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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