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Don’t End Up In The Doghouse with God

The Dog house is just one step between the house and the street. Its when there is animosity and respect has worn thin. Its a situation where conversations are brinkmanship and all is almost lost. Unless people settle down and back off, its all likely over.

Hopefully, middle ground will be found. You might decide to live distant while staying in the same house totally closed off to each other. This is no answer but its what a lot of people end up doing. Maybe you don’t have the freedom and resources to move. Maybe you don’t know how to fix it.

The only life saving option now is to step back and make a serious repair. But who knows if thats possible with the other person. Maybe you can get back what is lost. Do you know what you are trying to get back and what you lost? This topic is actually about Israel and Backslider Christians. Not about peoples relationships.

Israel lost it all. But they are confused and don’t think they have lost anything. They had the promised land, but they lacked character and they didn’t trust God. This happened over and over and God extended his grace to them, over and over. The Old Testament to a great degree is a list of stories of God showing his power on them and God provided Prophets and Priests ( who they killed) and made them laws to teach them about what Godly Character was. But God had to kick Israel out. God sent them to Babylon and that didn’t seem to phase them. They still don’t get it. They still think they are married and in the relationship. They are in denial.

Matthew 7:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

The Golden Rule to Love your neighbour as yourself is principally written in the laws and stories of the Old testament including the early stories like the story of Cain and Abel. (obviously at that time they did not have the whole bible but they did have some of it. Fairly soon they had priests and prophets, not to mention, the top 10 commandments and Gods intervention and visitations.

Romans 13:8-9 King James Version (KJV)

8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

But a caveat here: In Christianity, its by the blood of Jesus Christ and adoption forgiveness of God, the gift of the holy spirit and repentance that bring about us being made spiritually alive. Its then that we are saved/born again. Keeping a few laws does not make your spirit rise from the dead, the new life Jesus grants does. Christianity is the cure..

Galatians 5:4-6 King James Version (KJV)

4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

5 For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.

6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision; but faith which worketh by love.

That said, lets be sober about this:

1 John 2:4-6 King James Version (KJV)

4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

5 But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him.

6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

But this is not the topic specifically today. Its related but sort of off topic.. Today the topic is a continuation of yesterdays thread about Jeremiah 34 and how Israel was kicked out of the kingdom.

Israel was taken to Babylon and Israel and Judah were trees cut down because they didn’t grasp what they did wrong. They cried at the rivers of Babylon but did not know why they were in the doghouse. They broke laws but its bigger than that.

If you read Jeremiah 34 they were enslaving their people, the rich abused their wealth and made people into slaves. This treatment is a lack of love and concern for others. Its a contempt for anothers well being. Our banks and Gov’ts do it now forcing Tenants for example to pay all the bills but never to own the house. The Landlord may have put a deposit down but they will get that back at the sale. The mortgage and taxes are paid by the tenants. Tenants pay for house but in the end get nothing. The Landlord who does not pay for the house ends up with all the equity. (this is not a story about landlords its a story about Israel and what they did, and how we cannot see what we do and claim its perfectly fine. ) Those who pay end up with nothing in the end and those who didn’t, but had a signature, benefit. This is slavery. This is not much different. Lording includes a middle man and lending money for a house but putting someone else to live in it is borrowing the benefit of lending to make money off of someone elses labour. A few law changes and poof. Almost everyone could be a home owner. If this was ancient times people who have their wood shacks and sort out their own space and build their own homes. We mechanized it and took away their ownership.

I told this story to show how people do not see how they take advantage of others and how it can be built right into our society and we don’t see it. We are frogs in water warming in a pot. The water has got hotter and we do not realize it. Look how good our society is, but its not righteousness and its not right. Some better deal must be struck.

God kicked Israel out of the promised land because of Slavery. God kicked them out of being Gods chosen people. You think this doesn’t matter. God cut down their proverbial tree. They went from the doghouse to the street. Jesus gave several parables to Israel which we can read in the gospels. They as tenants are kicked out. They killed the prophets and they killed the son. Their loss is good for other tenants who get to rent the vineyard but not so good for the Jewish people unless they turn back. There is the opportunity to be sons and Joint heirs.

Maybe I confused things and people wont understand where they went wrong or why they maybe in the dog house and not know it. Its important that everyone read Jeremiah 34 and grasps the reason Israel lost everything. These events are about their spiritual condition. They changed everything. This is not some argument, this is serious business.

Presently, we have a new covenant. But, what is the root of the problem? Why is Jesus the solution and not a error Jews need to avoid? Could you live your whole life as a Christian and not enter the kingdom of heaven? You better believe it. People talk about losing your salvation but they may not even have it. You might think you do. Jeremiah 34. Its more than a bit of charity its about contempt.

(extra reading: the tenants (Israel: Mathew 21:33… and Luke 20:9… and Mark 12…)

If you thought this was about spousal relationships, Sorry, its about Israel and how they are still in a denial and how they can get out of the doghouse and back into the Gods house. More to come on that.

If you do the very same things I am talking about in this blog and are willing to loose all you benefit by winning against people, you will win by losing. Jesus Christ did one big thing he died for others. We do a baptism thing as a symbol of dying to self There is no requirement and no one is calling for someone to take their lives but to simply give their lives in service for others and to esteem them and value them. If You put a truckload of that concern for others and God into your relationship with God and see if you gets you out of the doghouse. If you do that and there is no response after a year, you did your best. But this is about Israel returning to God and that is a different dynamic. You have to have a change of heart. Still both have a lot of denial contempt anger mixed emotions in the relationship.

With God you can seek him out, repent and gain forgiveness at his cost. If you cant extend that to others. Maybe you are back in Jeremiah 34 still.

Don’t forget, I try to put links in my Ops so you can look at Scripture. Its intentional !! There is a lot of gain by clicking just two or three of these links to the bible. If you make a practice of it and cash in on the work I did to provide them, you will gain scriptural knowledge and bypass the commentator and go to the source. May God bless you as you do. And give you peace.

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I am a born again Christian. John 3:16 1 John 4:7-8

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