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This is a Christian Discussion & Resource site seeking to clarify the Right Way to please God & be reconciled with Him.

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  • God is not going to Brush Your Teeth
    I'm Lucky, My Teeth are strait as an arrow. Truly I appreciate them. But life is more a car accident, than the gift of strait teeth. Life is a process and we are like the terminator dodging bullets asking God, why? When will He make them stop? Some of you might have read books like, … Read more
  • Proof that Science is Wrong
    Biology proves Evolution is False. This video shows that. Lets discuss the video. Its about an hour. So Friends, you have to be serious wanting truth, but I promise it will change/shape your view of creation. IF you like facts and honesty, Chris Ashcraft doesn't pull any fast ones. Ashcroft knows what he is talking … Read more
  • Don’t End Up In The Doghouse
    The Dog house is just one step between the house and the street. When their is animosity, respect has worn thin. Conversations are brinkmanship and all is almost lost. Unless people settle down and back off, its likely over. A type of middle ground may be found. You might decide to live distant and closed … Read more
  • God has Hung up the Phone on You.
    One of my Favourite preachers from Back to the Bible has a great short sermon post about prayer worth a listen which follows up on my last few Ops and its Timely. Just click the Arrow below. If you want more from Dr. John Neufeld I have a link on my Main page and on … Read more
  • Grief and Loss
    This Op is not what you're wanting it to be about. But its what you need to hear. This is going to be about Israel and the massive loss they took. 2750 years ago. They didn't see it coming. And I think they still don't see it. At the River of Babylon they sat and … Read more
  • Church people are blinding themselves
    In the Name it and claim it group of church goer's there is a lot of socially bankrupt people. Many do nothing more than throw a buck in a homeless persons cup and then walk by, blaming them and feeling like they did their job. The Good Samaritan story some how to them applies to … Read more
  • God does not move Mountains.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_aVFVveJNs At not time did Jesus move one single mountain. At no time did an apostle move any mountains. So why did Jesus say : Matthew 21:21 King James Version (KJV) 21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this … Read more
  • I was hit by lightning
    I was hit by Lightening. Seriously. I know, I know, that explains everything! Well, I could have died you know. Its not funny. Well maybe a little bit. But lucky for me it just gave me, my electric personality! But Seriously, One day while up a ladder at church I got hit. Blam. Let me … Read more
  • Who do you think you are, looking down on others, like Kanye
    Found this article I liked while exploring and thought those reading here would like it too. Don't forget to come back ! Let me know if you like me finding an Op like this once in a while. https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/50352312/posts/1991 https://youtu.be/DHabGePsb3s (Scroll way down to comment.) don't forget to click on a link or two to … Read more
  • Emotional Homework
    Jesus, the Bible, the Prophets even our modern day Psychology deal with Pride. Pride is more complex than being boastful. Depressed? Pride many times looks like the opposite. When you feel less about yourself you might try and prove yourself. You might feel defeated. You might be accused of having an over inflated view of … Read more
  • Its about Relationship.
    Together Back Light Friendship Figures Funny Fun Hi folks, I have been inviting people to join the conversation and to contribute on the New Site. You know I am not the best at writing but I am trying. Like most that doesn't stop me. .. LoL. I wanted to say to everyone, that as you … Read more
  • Joseph with his coat of many colors
    Life is Hard but its good for you, and that's good for everyone. Serendipitously this video from Dr. John Neufeld posted today on his site helps in a series of Ops filling in details in the last Op I could not. Its a good Audio recording. I hope you like him. I sure do. Back … Read more
  • Let God Prove it to You!
    God is not Dead. Life is Difficult but, God wants you to be a witness of his power. On the site we have been talking about Abuse, about rejection, co-dependency , about cutting and Suicide and we have been talking about Jesus big time. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted, to set the captives … Read more
  • WHY Did My Mom Hate Me!
    Why Did My Mom Hate Me? Nicky Cruz gives his testimony of being hated by his mother and getting in to gangs and then meeting David Wilkerson who told him about the love of Jesus Christ. Below is a Video of some of his story. I am not ready to write an Op on this … Read more
  • The Golden Ratio is God being smart
    1.618 is better! Its also called Phi. You see it in nature. You are designed with it. Our universe is made using it. We borrow it for photos we use it in design for buildings. Its used in the bible. Fibonacci (1170AD) realized its important but he didn't invent it. God is the math expert … Read more

My Mission

What is it to Serve Jesus Christ? How does this translate into how we live life in this world? On the Site we discus Doctrine, Salvation, the New Covenant and Psychology. We study what it means to be a Christian. The focus is Bible based. The Bible, History , Science and Faith in Love lead us to Jesus & Jesus gives Eternal life. The site is “help on the way” for those with Questions about salvation and emotional health. Its my intent to provide a diet and tools to help people find some spiritual direction. Above and Beyond the Blog, I am setting this site up to provide a one stop shop as a library of sorts providing christian resources. I have a utube site with a glut of categorized videos and links to other christian sites and resources. And there are several pages not just this front page. That is where I am collecting resources as well as on my Utube. I am also trying to spend some time on each Op to put links to bible verses. So please click a few and read the bible. My beliefs below is brief. I have another page providing far more detail and many Salvation scriptures. I welcome your contribution to building up the resources. If you are on the fence about God. This is the place to hang out. You will get what you need to become a fully devoted follower of God and the facts to back up your faith.

THIS IS THE SHORT VERSION of WHAT I BELIEVE : I am a born again Christian. I believe the Bible is a reliable reflection of what God has done in History and is relevant to restoring peoples relationship with God. I believe there is such a thing as Eternal life. I believe Jesus Christ is God. That God came in the form of a human totally human and totally Divine, and only by Jesus the Christ can we be reconciled with God. I believe in the trinity, That Jesus is God in Flesh and that we can prove Gods existence.

Jesus was brutalized and then executed on a cross. Three days later as he promised, he resurrected from the dead. JESUS by doing this was the lamb killed as a payment for our sins. The Brutal beating & death of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection itself proved he was the everlasting God and proved that he has power to give us eternal life. He is the only one we can go too, to get this promised, ‘Infinite life’.

Lastly, Because of the abuse on the Internet and for Privacy sake, I will just share that my name is Scott. I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada. I am a born again Evangelical. You can contact me through the site. You can find out more about me on, my beliefs page. and by reading my Ops. I you have a Op you want to share, let me know; I want all the help I can get.

Note to Readers

Its my hope that you will consider contributing content and sharing ‘Opinion Pieces’ with me so that I could add your content to this site. (Obviously, in keeping with the direction of the site.) Suggest or provide something in the submissions section. There is a link to that page in the menu . (top right corner or bottom left corner.)


There is no official rules for the site, But still, I will take down and block any abusive behaviour and nonsense. And if your a Cult spamming the site I will take your stuff down. Still I don’t have a problem with some debating over theology, but the purpose is to glorify God and bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and not to push a doctrine or to bicker for the sake of arguing. But Please get involved, generally these things work themselves out and Iron sharpens Iron. Thanks for being a part. God speed to you as you seek to know Jesus Christ better.Scott.

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