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This is a Christian Discussion & Resource site seeking to clarify the Right Way to please God & be reconciled with Him. Jesus Christ is Salvation.

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  • E=MC2 Proof of God ?
    Its proof of God inventing meters OR its a grift? E=MC2 is actually not that complex. E a measurement of Energy.(in Joules) M the mass of a atom or atoms.(in Kilograms). And C is the speed of light. 299,792,458 meters per second (approximately 300,000,000 km/s) What does this have to do with God. Well lets just dig in aContinue reading “E=MC2 Proof of God ?”
  • Did God Fail?
    Psalm 91 1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,    my God, in whom I trust.” 3 Surely he will save you    from the fowler’s snare    and from the deadly pestilence.4 He will cover you with his feathers,    and under his wings youContinue reading “Did God Fail?”
  • Are you Blocked from Heaven.
    When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden it was protected by flaming sword. Genesis 3:2424 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. Most peopleContinue reading “Are you Blocked from Heaven.”
  • Do you Exist this Christmas
    Its Christmas Day. My Kids are at the X’s, We will meet up this afternoon and have dinner at my sons. He is recently married and just bought a house. My Daughter is just laid off because of covid but is home from university and doing fine. I have to put the Turkey in the oven soonContinue reading “Do you Exist this Christmas”
  • For Such a Time as This
    There is an Old book called “why cant I get my locker open” focused on why God is not helping fix everything. While to some degree all of us feel abandoned by an invisible God, Gods promise that he will not abandon us falls flat until you see God intervene here and there. The contempt in theContinue reading “For Such a Time as This”
  • A Heart Beat Bill could be a Middle ground.
    A Heart Beat Bill would basically solve the conflict of views making a middle ground between abortionists and Right to LIFE advocates. Almost every baby viable after the fetus has a heart beat. The chances of a miscarriage drop drastically once a heart is beating in the womb. A real human is on its way. The IssueContinue reading “A Heart Beat Bill could be a Middle ground.”
  • A mans story about Iran
    It broke my heart as I listened and the only thing worth doing is sharing it, so you can hear this mans story and gain insight into what has been going on in Iran. (skip forward to the interview)
  • The Fake Evolution Story
    Most of you know me from my Moniker “Evolution is a Hoax”. My actual name is Scott, no Hoax. Daily online I show that the fossil record is missing all the missing links but has just about every fossil of modern day animals in the record and a few extinct things fully formed presented there as well.Continue reading “The Fake Evolution Story”
  • Communism at our Door
    In Christianity Politics can creep in to the church and create dictatorships. In the end, Bad leadership and sleeping people are the problem. People think they are at the top. In their minds they must get their way ahead of you getting yours. And you get it in your head, your Idea or way must come first.Continue reading “Communism at our Door”
  • Can’t you hear the screaming.
    Evolution is a Hoax. You knuckle dragger types who think we came from Apes need to ask where is the in between species. The fossil record should have billions of transitional fossils showing the path to us being us. Instead there is a glut of fossils just like what we have living today. There are fish, clams,Continue reading “Can’t you hear the screaming.”
  • Making Spaghetti is Spiritual
    Well, Today I wanted to fill up and eat Spaghetti. Spiritually there is a significance in having a recipe and making it taste right. How do I do it? I toss in a couple hamburgers into a sauce pan and cook them, chopping as I go. Boom there is some cooked meat. I season it. Then IContinue reading “Making Spaghetti is Spiritual”
  • You were bought with a price.
    Hi Folks. I haven’t written for a long time because I felt God wanted me to hold off. I went to write one day like I am doing now, and blam, I heard in my conscience say Don’t post any more Opinion Pieces. I was taken back by the thought. I questioned if it was just someContinue reading “You were bought with a price.”
  • Lenski’s 30 Year Experiment
    Originally posted on sixdaysblog:
    One thing I’ve come to recognize in my years studying the Creation vs. Evolution debate is that there seems to be a noticeable disconnect, and this article from Discover provides a case study. A little over thirty years ago (1988), Richard Lenski began growing bacteria in his lab, and his experiment became famous……
    2000 Years ago God came in a Manger to bridge the gap. Whole countries changed and a lot of turmoil took place. 2000 years later, I think many of us are seeing forgiveness is better than hate, Reconciliation better than conflict. While their is a long way to go, maybe in 2000 more years we will haveContinue reading “MERRY CHRISTMAS”
  • Move On and Forgive.
    Charles Swindoll podcasts are broadcast on WDCX 99.5. Today I started to listen and realized it was perfect to re-blog here. https://www.insight.org/broadcasts/player/?bid=3550 The Message is in keeping with the flow of Recent Ops. I found his site and re-blogged it for you. click On the LINK (i couldn’t get a player to work.) enjoy. Insight for living.Continue reading “Move On and Forgive.”

My Mission

What is it to Serve Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is Salvation. How does this translate into how we live life in this world? On the Site we discus Doctrine, Salvation, the New Covenant and Psychology. We study what it means to be a Christian. The focus is Bible based. The Bible, History , Science and Faith in Love lead us to Jesus & Jesus gives Eternal life. The site is “help on the way” for those with Questions about salvation and emotional health. Its my intent to provide a diet and tools to help people find some spiritual direction. Besides the Blog, I am setting this site up to also provide a one stop shop, a library of sorts providing christian resources. I have a utube site with a glut of categorized videos. (temporarily unavailable.) I have also provided links to other christian sites and resources and a audio bible. There are several pages to this site not just this front page. I am also trying to spend some time on each Op to put links to bible verses. So please click a few and read the bible. My beliefs below is brief. I have provided another page with more detail concerning my beliefs on how to be saved. I welcome your contribution to building up the resources. If you are on the fence about God. This is the place to hang out. Jesus Christ is Salvation! You will find answers here. You will get exactly what you need to become a fully devoted follower of God with facts to back up your faith.

THIS IS THE SHORT VERSION of WHAT I BELIEVE : I am a born again Christian. I believe the Bible is a reliable reflection of what God has done in History and is relevant to restoring peoples relationship with God. I believe there is such a thing as Eternal life. I believe Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is Salvation. God came in the form of a human totally human and totally Divine, and only by Jesus the Christ can we be reconciled with God. I believe in the trinity, That Jesus is God in Flesh and that we can prove Gods existence.

Jesus was brutalized and then executed on a cross. Three days later as he promised, he resurrected from the dead. JESUS by doing this was the lamb killed as a payment for our sins. The Brutal beating & death of Jesus Christ and his Resurrection itself proved he was the everlasting God and proved that he has power to give us eternal life. He is the only one we can go too, to get this promised, ‘Infinite life’.

Lastly, Because of the abuse on the Internet and for Privacy sake, I will just share that my name is Scott. I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada. I am a born again Evangelical. You can contact me through the site. You can find out more about me on, my beliefs page. and by reading my Ops. I you have a Op you want to share, let me know; I want all the help I can get. Serve Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Salvation!

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